Wedding according to the new rules


A little savvy and creative, and your wedding will be unique In many regions of the world, the epidemic of coronavirus is on the decline. But governments are in no hurry to remove all restrictions. For example, masks and gloves are still recommended for wearing in St. Petersburg. But you want to get married! What to do? The standard mask does not combine with an elegant dress and formal mood.

For the holidays in a pandemic, a new trend has appeared: beautiful masks for brides.

For example, the designer creates masks with the same lace as on the dress and veil of the bride. Such a mask, of course, must be purchased with the dress. This is a single ensemble.

But such a “pearl” mask is offered to us on Instagram. Pearl earrings come with the mask. In this embodiment, the mask is an accent of the image, so the veil, dress and hairstyle of the bride are deliberately simple so as not to draw attention.

This version of the mask is unlikely to protect you from something, but how beautiful it is! As if a veil, tender and translucent, envelops the bride’s face.

And if you don’t have the time and desire to make such a “one-time beauty”, you can approach what is happening with humor.

Or add style with a single color scheme for masks and gloves. The bride chose black gloves and a mask, so that there was a beautiful contrast with a white outfit. And the groom, on the contrary, preferred all shades of blue.

And if you prefer maximum isolation, you can choose a more radical means of protection, as, for example, a couple from Chelyabinsk did.

Or beat the situation with the characters of your favorite movie.

Wedding according to the new rules

And if you were having a wedding right now, which mask would you choose?



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