Upcoming UK Post Study Work Visa


Last year, the uk (UK) announced that it’ll be launching its very own two-year post-study work visa. it’s anticipated that students graduating in summer 2021 are going to be the primary group eligible to require advantage of it. With its rich culture, history, and, most significantly , excellent universities, the united kingdom has long been a well-liked destination for college kids eager to study abroad. The news of this new Graduate Immigration Route makes it a good more attractive option for international students, especially those that dream of starting their careers within the UK and making it their permanent home.

While the complete details of the Graduate Immigration Route are still forthcoming, we would like to share what we all know thus far and the way you’ll be among the very first to require advantage of it!

Upcoming UK Post Study Work Visa

Graduate Immigration Route Eligibility

You will be eligible for the UK’s Graduate Immigration Route if you:

Earned a degree at the undergraduate level or above at a qualifying UK education Provider in summer 2021 or later
Have a diary of compliance
Have a legitimate Tier 4 student visa once you submit your application
Unfortunately, you’ll not be eligible if you graduate and your Tier 4 visa expires before the introduction of the Graduate Immigration Route.

Distance Education

You may be wondering how starting or continuing your studies online through distance education within the 2020-2021 school year will impact your eligibility for the Graduate Immigration Route. you’ll still be eligible as long as you:

Arrive within the UK no later than April 6, 2021 Upcoming UK Post Study Work Visa
Complete your final semester within the UK
However, consistent with the united kingdom headquarters , “students will still got to have extant leave as a Tier 4 student when the new route launches in 2021 and meet other eligibility criteria to be eligible for the route.”

What you’ll Do Under the Graduate Immigration Route
If you’re approved for the Graduation Immigration Route, you’ll still sleep in the united kingdom and work (or look for work) at any skill level for up to 2 years. If you’re a PhD graduate, you’ll remain within the UK and work for up to 3 years.

Applying for the Graduate Immigration Route
If you meet all the wants for the Graduate Immigration Route, you’ll got to submit a replacement application.

Your application fee will cover the value of the:

Immigration Health Surcharge
The exact fee hasn’t been determined and can be announced at a later date.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
UK Graduate Immigration Route FAQsThere has been tons of pleasure over the Graduate Immigration Route from prospective students and international students already studying within the UK. Here are answers to a number of the foremost popular questions.

Am I still eligible if i started studying within the UK before the announcement of the Graduate Immigration Route?
Yes! you’ll be eligible for the Graduate Immigration Route as long as you’ve got a legitimate Tier 4 student visa and graduate in summer 2021 or later.

Why won’t the Graduate Immigration Route launch sooner?
According to the united kingdom Government, “It takes time to develop a replacement immigration route and make sure the framework is in situ for it to successfully operate. Introducing the route within the summer of 2021 will mean that each one students who graduate within the summer of 2021 or after will benefit, no matter once they started their course.”

Does the Graduate Immigration Route count towards settlement within the UK?
No. consistent with the united kingdom government, the Graduate Immigration Route is “non-extendable and doesn’t count towards settlement. However, graduates who find an appropriate job and meet the wants are going to be ready to switch into skilled work, which may be a route to settlement.”

Why Study in the UK Now Upcoming UK Post Study Work Visa

The new academic year is simply round the corner.

While some students are considering deferring their plans to review within the UK and other international destinations amid the continued COVID-19 pandemic, many are still moving forward with their educational journey.

This post compiles the newest UK government guidance for international students and knowledge on what a number of ApplyBoard’s UK partner universities are fixing place to form sure you’ve got a fantastic experience this fall and winter. We hope this information will assist you make an informed decision about your studies within the UK.

Don’t delay your future! Here are just a couple of reasons why you ought to study within the UK now.

Latest UK Policy Information
Distance Learning
International students aren’t usually allowed to require distance learning courses. However, Tier 4 international students within the UK, and people who have returned to their home country but want to continue their studies, can make progress in their program online.

If you’re a replacement student and are issued a Tier 4 visa but cannot visit the united kingdom , you’ll begin your course by distance learning, and sponsorship doesn’t got to be withdrawn.

If you’re a replacement student and haven’t applied for a visa but want to start out a course by distance learning, you don’t got to visit the united kingdom to try to to so and don’t require sponsorship under Tier 4.

Working While Studying
If you’ll work under the terms of your visa and are employed at an NHS trust, you’ll work quite 20 hours per week during term. you want to work within one among the subsequent occupations:


Biological scientist 

Dental practitioner

Health professional

Medical practitioner

Medical radiographer



Occupational therapist







Social worker

Speech and language therapist

Therapy professional

If your course is suspended due to COVID-19, this will be considered a vacation period and you can work full-time.

Upcoming UK Post Study Work Visa Volunteering
The existing rules regarding volunteering and undertaking voluntary add the Tier 4 Migrant Guidance still apply. However, you’ll assist the NHS as an NHS Volunteer Responder if you meet the conditions outlined here. consistent with the united kingdom headquarters , “You won’t be considered to be working in breach of the terms of your visa and may perform any necessary tasks required within this role.”

Graduate Route
The Graduate Route remains within the right direction|not off course”> on target to launch in the summer of 2021.

Typically, you’d be expected to finish your studies within the UK to be eligible. However, you’ll transfer into the Graduate Route if you spend time studying abroad thanks to COVID-19.

To be eligible, you must:

Arrive within the UK before April 6, 2021
Complete your final semester within the UK

You will also got to have extant leave as a Tier 4 student when the program launches next year and meet other eligibility criteria. ApplyBoard will keep you recent on further announcements.

Visa Application Centres for the Upcoming UK Post Study Work Visa

UK Visa Application Centres (VACs) are starting to resume services and are reopening in phases.

For the latest information on VACs in your country, please visit:

TLScontact (Europe, Africa, and parts of the Middle East) 

VFS Global (all other countries)

English Testing Centres are also beginning to reopen. For the latest information in your country, please visit:

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) 

Pearson Test of English


According to the UK Home Office, they “will review the need for any concession relating to the local availability of English language testing for students who are being recruited for pre-sessional courses by Tier 4 sponsors.

How UK Universities Are Helping You for the Upcoming UK Post Study Work Visa
ApplyBoard works with some incredibly dedicated universities across the united kingdom who are going above and beyond to make sure you’ve got a fantastic experience in September 2020.

Here’s what just a couple of of our UK partner universities do to support you and your success. make certain to urge in-tuned together with your ApplyBoard Representative for more information on how you’ll cash in of those excellent opportunities.

Coventry University

Coventry University aims to provide you with a safe environment that reflects its award-winning student experience.

CU is offering:

A three-tier scholarship package for international students starting at both the main campus and London campus in September 2020. To qualify, you must:

Have paid your £4,000 deposit by August 1

Be an overseas fee payer

De Montfort University

De Montfort University in Leicester, England, will provide classes on mindfulness and other important topics that students are concerned about during COVID-19.

DMU is also offering:

£500 early bird deposit discount

£1,500 international student scholarship

Free airport pickup

Online iBuddy scheme pairing prospective international students with current students

An internal English test which is entirely free and now available online

The University of Hertfordshire

The University of Hertfordshire, based in Hatfield, England, is looking forward to welcoming new international students this September. Where it is safe to do so, classes will be held in-person. The university will supplement this with a blend of live interactive lectures, pre-recorded content, and guided learning.

Hertfordshire is:

Offering new scholarships in light of the COVID-19 pandemic 

Moving September intake to October 26 so you have more time to submit documents and make other preparations 

Delaying application, tuition deposit, and Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) deadlines (varies country by country)

Accepting the Versant English Test

The University of the West of England
The University of the West of England plans for all its campuses to be open and can make sure that all students have access to facilities and services, study spaces, specialist labs, and studios. they’re working to form sure these facilities are often accessed safely and meet social distancing requirements.

UWE is offering:

An automatic tuition fee discount of £300 to cover the NHS surcharge

A later start date – you can now enroll in courses until November 9

Free online English language tests for conditional offer holders

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