Travel Challenge Let’s Begin The World


Take a glance at what their biggest life challenge connected to travel was as far . The coronavirus also caused some problems for them. They need to realize the not so good sides of health care systems in other countries. If you’re a lover of the cold, you’ll find advice on where to possess a memorable experience well below zero.

Travel Challenge Let’s Begin The World
A couple of years ago you went on a visit round the world for nearly a year. How did you’re taking care of the finances, how did you monitor your spending and ultimately roughly what proportion did you spend?
True, this was our biggest and at an equivalent time the simplest travel (if not life) challenge. I (Simona) took a one-year study leave and studied economics online, Jure did what he always does – he teaches English online. So we had a minimum of one salary guaranteed throughout the trip and therefore the awareness that employment was expecting me reception also meant tons . For the primary four months we monitored our spending weekly and that we stopped doing that in Australia because the numbers got way too high. We spent the last six months in Asia where we knew life might be rock bottom . At that point rather than accurately monitoring our expenses, we used the technique of maximum daily consumption – we set ourselves the goal of trying to spend per day with max. 100 euros (food, transport, accommodation, shopping, etc.). This also worked well. within the end, we collected all the bank statements of the last year, added them up and came up with slightly below €30,000. for somebody this seems like tons but if we recalculate what proportion we might spend reception at an equivalent time on rent, food, car, etc., it might come to only a rather lower number.

In South America we were surprised by the costs of transportation, as buses are quite expensive. We also didn’t expect such high prices within the Atacama Desert . Unfortunately we had some outdated information and misinformation about cruising the Galapagos, which forced us into plan B – to measure on one among the islands and continue excursions from there. once we arrived in Miami, the American reality hit us pretty hard and that we rather escaped to a less expensive cruise within the Bahamas (yes, it sounds unreal, but a five-day cruise was cheaper than accommodation plus food in Miami). we’ll not waste words on Australia – it’s expensive, we knew that and that we won’t complain. We were surprised by not so high prices in Japan because we thought it’ll be far more expensive, but it’s possible to travel quite well and cheaply. Malaysia also seemed cheaper to us than we expected.

Travel Challenge Let’s Begin The World

Next travel mission after coronavirus?
We don’t dare to form any concrete plans because we don’t skills things will unfold then on. Visiting our friends in England won’t be possible. Since we do not want to strictly decide only for one destination, we’ll await the result then decide where we’ll travel first.
If we will dream, we might continue a extended trip again and make some travel wishes come true: travelling by Trans-Siberian railway (in winter), diving within the Philippines and Indonesia, visiting the new Indonesian islands, the Pacific Islands, exploring the Silk Road , having an ayurvedic experience in India and Nepal, and climbing to at least one of the mountains there, skiing in Japan in February and visiting Japan in autumn, taking a road trip through the national parks of America and Canada, walking across the West Coast trail in Canada, Mexico and Central America, and last but not least getting to Africa, about which we could talk and dream for hours and hours.

Where does one arrange insurance for travel? Did anything major already happen so it really came in handy?
German insurance firmhave insurance arranged because insurance is extremely expensive in Austria. In Slovenia they didn’t offer us anything suitable because we’ve a permanent address in Austria. Fortunately we only needed real medical help once when Jure had a surfing accident in Sri Lanka . His board then injured his arcade and he needed stitches. Unfortunately, the health system in Sri Lanka remains not developed much and Jure’s wound became fairly inflamed. A doctor in panic even wanted us to travel home, saying that Jure needed a plastic surgeon for this injury then on. Luckily we’ve our good friend Tamara who may be a doctor with experience in exotic countries. She wrote us which medicines to shop for (in many places antibiotics are available without a prescription), the way to clean the wound and to send her photos daily. Everything got better without complications and problems.

Travel Challenge Let’s Begin The World

How well are you aware of thieves? Have you been robbed anywhere already? Luckily we have not experienced any major thefts yet. From us they stole things like condoms in South America, body lotion in Asia, flip flops in Laos and some money in Burma. We carry passports and bank cards with us, we always have €100 hidden somewhere, we carry a camera with us and we leave our computers at least temporarily hidden in the hotel. We can just be grateful nothing valuable has ever really been taken from us.



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