7 ugly and ridiculous wedding dresses of Russian stars


A wedding is not only a magical celebration, but also a taste test. Below is a selection of wedding dress of domestic stars, some of which are just awful.

Polina Gagarina

This was her first wedding. Then she got pregnant with her son Andrei. But even despite this fact, for some reason it seems that she could pick something prettier.

Yana Rudkovskaya

And everything seems not so bad, but for some reason the bottom of the dress resembles an awkward piece of curtains.

Polina Dibrova


An absurd dress, some kind of dirty green color and a crazy neckline, which, it seems to me, confused all the guests. Togo and look, everything will fall out.


From whom, from whom, but from Glucose, I certainly did not expect this. The shapeless, big awkward dress is probably the most disgusting one that you could choose, thinking, reviewing photos from the wedding, she regrets her choice.

Regina Burd

As you say, in your right mind you could put on this towel with an elastic band. And how can such a thing be sold at all – it’s a crime. And yet, Sergey Zhukov’s wife has a beautiful figure, she could pick up something more elegant and pretty. That case when the groom looks cooler.


This was her fifth wedding. And apparently not too concerned about the choice of dress. Nothing, but too frankly.



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