5 Most Important Things You Should do with Russians


Shaking hands with no gloves once you meet someone.

Russians usually don’t mind to greet showing by that their politeness and trust. It’s absolutely normal for majority of the planet population. But they hooked in to cleanliness. So within the wintertime once you are getting to take someone’s hand, albeit it’s negative 40 outside (which is sort of often in Russian winters), they won’t shake your hand with their gloves on. they might begin the gloves then shake your hand then put their hands back to the gloves. Because Russian think it’s rude to greet with gloves. They consider gloves are dirty. Your gloves are touching everything –clothes, car handle etc. But hands are clean. If their hands are dirty then rather than shaking hands with you they might touch your elbow or your forearm.

1.Always use formal language and be polite.
Russians have formal and informal sort of language. you’ll already know that English pronoun “you” in Russian language is different.

Personal pronoun “ты” – is informal “you”. It’s used for friends and well-known people.

Personal pronoun “вы” – is formal “you”. It’s used for unknown people and other people that much older than you’re or having seniority at work.

The reason why we tell you about formal and informal sorts of the language is because sentences are often changed dramatically. The suggestion is to use mostly formal sort of the language with Russians rather than informal.

But once you know alright people you speak with and that they are okay to speak in informal way then it’s absolutely normal. Usually we ask a permission to vary the conversation into informal form.



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