4 Reasons to Study Online Now


4 Reasons to Study Online Now

We are just four to 6 weeks faraway from the start of the autumn semester. COVID-19 has changed many things in our lives, including your plans for studying abroad.

ApplyBoard has been chatting with many international students a bit like you and that we know that some are considering deferring studies instead of beginning them online. The previous couple of weeks have seen significant support from many governments, like Canada and therefore the UK. There are variety of policy changes to support your success as a world student, allowing you to form significant progress in your studies during COVID-19 while remaining safely reception . We encourage all students to require advantage of the chance to review online and pursue your dream of studying abroad.

1. economize
As a world student getting to study abroad, you would like to enjoy the complete experience of moving to a far off country. However, since COVID-19 has made that difficult, it’s important to think about the positive outcomes of starting your education remotely. Starting your classes online this fall can prevent a substantial amount of cash .

This money are often put toward tuition and living expenses once you eventually move abroad. Here’s an example of some typical student costs at an Ontario college. By studying from home, it’s estimated that students will save between $4,000-$6,000 per semester.

According to Conestoga College, here is an example of the typical expenses that an international student will have per semester in Canada:

Student residence admin fee: $200

On-campus student housing: $3,500*

Ancillary fees: $500 

Academic materials: $500

International health insurance: $500

These fees vary based on school, city, and program. *Off-campus housing will also vary by city, with most bachelor apartments ranging in rent from $800-$1,000 a month.

 Reasons to Study Online Now

Finding a part-time job to assist buy tuition and living expenses after arriving in your new home abroad can take several weeks. Studying online means , not only will you economize on fees, but you’ve got the pliability to stay the work you have already got reception and potentially work more hours than you’d abroad.

Many schools also are offering scholarships and discounts to international students starting a replacement program this fall. Toronto’s Yorkville University has launched a replacement initiative called the top Start Program to assist students in India begin their classes worry-free. If the student’s study permit is refused, Yorkville University will offer a full refund (less the non-refundable $500 YU administrative fee).

Algoma University in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario has also just announced two new scholarships for international students applying for a post-graduate certificate and course of study for September 2020.

2. Deferrals aren’t A Guarantee
Unfortunately, requesting a deferral means you’ll not automatically have a spot reserved for you for fall 2021. Requests are going to be considered on a case-by-case basis. If you defer your studies until September 2021, there’ll be fewer seats available next year, especially in smaller, more competitive programs.

Consider this: A University and College Union (UCU) survey reveals that 28% of scholars are likely to defer their studies a whole year – which is a rise from the quality 5-6% of the last five years. Because there’s only a limited number of seats available in your program, not only will you be vying with other students deferring their studies, but competing with students a year younger than you who also will be applying to colleges for September 2021.

It’s also important to notice that for a few programs, requesting a deferral is just not an option. for college kids who are accepted into these programs, you’ll need to begin the appliance process everywhere again later this year to undertake and secure an area for next year. meaning submitting transcripts, a study plan, and other documents. You’ve been there, done that already, and came . You earned your home , now cash in of it!

3. Flexible Dates
If you’re still considering deferring your studies until January, May, or September 2021, there’s no guarantee that, by that point , all classes are going to be taught in-person or that you simply will even be ready to travel abroad to start out your studies.

Unfortunately, there’s no timeline for when schools will return to “business as was common .” it’s going to take a couple of months to a year for things to return to the way they once were, so you don’t want to make an education gap by delaying your studies.

Schools are being more flexible with enrolment and withdrawal dates. So, move forward together with your plans, begin your program, and see how you wish studying online. If you are trying it and determine that it doesn’t suit you, explore what your options are.

4. cash in of PGWP and PSW Eligibility
One of the most important incentives for international students studying abroad in Canada is that the Post-Graduation working papers (PGWP). Previously, you had to be physically studying in Canada to be eligible. However, Canada is now allowing the time you spend studying online outside Canada to count towards your PGWP eligibility.

For time spent studying online to count towards a PGWP, you must:

Complete at least 50% of your program in Canada (this includes online classes completed abroad) 

Apply for a study permit by September 15, 2020 

Start a program in spring, summer, or fall 2020

Why is that this important? With a PGWP, you’ll get professional work experience after completing your post-secondary education, and use it to use for Canadian permanent residence. By starting your program online, you’re paving the way for your future.

In another incentive to maneuver forward together with your studies this year, the united kingdom is launching its own two-year post-study work (PSW) visa. it’ll be available to all or any international students with a legitimate UK Tier 4 student visa that have completed an undergraduate degree or higher at an approved UK education Provider, and you’ll be among the very first to require advantage of it!

Starting your studies online this fall not only allows you to form progress in your program, economize , and put in time towards your PGWP, but gives you the chance to experience a very a once-in-a-lifetime educational journey. If you were having second thoughts about studying online this fall, we hope this blog highlighted a number of the various reasons to start out your studies from home.4 Reasons to Study Online Now

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