27 countries siege dragon of China.Torture in hong kong


Preparation to give a befitting reply to the dragon together with America, Britain!

27 countries begin all-round siege of China, preparations to give a befitting reply to the dragon with America, Britain, india,..

Ready to encircle

27 countries have decided to travel to the United Nations Human Rights Commission. the difficulty has also been discussed informally on the US-UK appeal at the UNSC. aside from this, China is already targeted by US President Donald Trump.


China has passed a replacement national security law for Hong Kong .

this may end all the special rights of the people of Hong Kong . This law also will mean that nobody are going to be ready to oppose China in Hong Kong , nor can anyone protest against it. The us and Britain have strongly opposed this law.

Japan also gave a stern warning to China

Not only this, there’s an environment of tension between Japan and China regarding Senkaku Island. China is asserting its claim on the island. Meanwhile, friendship between India and Japan has become stronger. India and Japan have conducted sea exercises within the past month. there have been many warships involved. aside from this, two-two combat ships from both countries participated in it.

Asian countries have made strong comments against China

Leaders of Southeast Asian countries have made strong comments against China over the South China Sea. The leaders of the member countries stated that sovereignty in the South China Sea should be determined on the basis of the 1982 United Nations Maritime Law Treaty.

China has taken an aggressive stance in recent years over claims over this strategically important maritime sector. The areas it claims are encroached upon by the ASEAN member countries Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippine and Brunei. Taiwan has also claimed a large part of the disputed area.

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